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Make your BROWS talk

Make your BROWS talk

Brows can talk, just not with words. Whether you pluck, tweeze, shape them or leave them au naturel, you are actually saying ‘hello, I’m ……’

Egyptian men and women in 3,500BC – 2,500BC painted prominent eyebrows and sported kohl-lined eyes in homage to Horus, God of the sky, war and hunting. Ancient Greeks and Romans, 800BC – 476AD thought the monobrow was the sexiest thing and during the Middle Ages, having almost no brows was the ‘in’ thing. In the 20th century, women seem to be changing the way their brows talk every decade, a trend that has continued till today. The Chinese believe that changing the shape of the eyebrows can change a person’s karma.

The millennials though are all about being individual, it’s all about being me! It’s not all that surprising considering that you are being told to make it your own in almost all things that you do. I for one, fully support the whatever looks best or whatever makes you most comfortable attitude. Whichever look you choose, here’s what you’re telling people without saying it out loud.

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